Environment Colorado endorses Betsy Markey for 4th Congressional District

Environment Colorado

Denver, CO – Today, Environment Colorado endorsed Betsy Markey for the 4th Congressional District citing her commitment to clean energy and the environment.

“Our nation is at a crossroads on energy policy, and we need a bold new direction. This is not the time to beat around the bush. Betsy Markey represents a bold new direction for Colorado’s 4th Congressional District. Markey is the right woman for the job,” said Pam Kiely, Legislative Program Director of Environment Colorado. 

“For too long, Congress has failed to enact clean energy policies that would help Colorado take advantage of our windy Eastern Plains. Markey has the commitment to clean energy and the commitment to her district that is needed to build Colorado’s New Energy Economy and move America towards a new energy future,” continued Kiely. 

Markey supports boosting investment and encouraging growth in renewable energy sector. It will be one of her top priorities while in Congress, and she has pledged to fight to make the renewable production tax credit permanent—a credit that is vital to the economic development that is taking place in the 4th CD. At the same time Markey understands that it is time to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and remove the $13 billion in subsidies to oil and gas companies during this era of record profits.

“Markey will stand-up to Big Oil and end the billion dollar subsidies to an industry that’s making record profits on the backs of consumers and our environment,” said Kiely. “This energy crisis cannot be solved by old solutions, and Betsy Markey is ready to fight for change.”

Environment Colorado also cited Markey’s commitment to global warming as a key reason for their endorsement. The 4th Congressional District could see severe impacts from global warming, from water security issues for farmers on the Eastern Plains to increased fire risk and more severe fires for those near the Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest.

“Electing Markey would help break the loggerheads in Congress on global warming legislation,” said Kiely. “Markey would ‘get serious’ about the most important and critical environmental issues of our time. We need that kind of leadership.”

In stark contrast, Markey’s opponent, U.S. Representative Marilyn Musgrave has time and again failed to support Colorado’s burgeoning New Energy Economy and global warming solutions. Rep. Musgrave earned a zero percent score in the 2008 Environment Colorado Scorecard.

“Rep. Marilyn Musgrave has left Coloradans a record of disappointment,” said Kiely. “While Musgrave has spoken out on issues such as uranium mining and energy, her voting record contradicts her rhetoric. Musgrave has blocked the development of clean energy in her own district. It’s unfortunate.It needs to change.”

Despite Musgrave’s public concern over a proposed Weld County in-situ uranium mine, she’s voted twice with the mining industry and against our environment. Musgrave failed to support updating the 1872 mining law last October, and this spring she voted not to protect our nation’s greatest natural treasure, the Grand Canyon, from uranium mining. 

Musgrave has time and again voted against policies that would encourage the development of the 4th Congressional District’s vast wind resources. This past year, Musgrave voted against ending oil and gas subsidies to fund clean energy tax credits critical to continuing the New Energy Economy boom in Colorado. Musgrave has also opposed a federal renewable electricity standard even though Colorado could position itself as a clean energy exporter, creating more opportunities for rural economic development. 
Environment Colorado has also endorsed Mark Udall for U.S. Senate and Barak Obama for President. Environment America, has prepared a report on the environmental records of both presidential candidates, including their lifetime environmental voting records which is available at http://www.environmentamerica.org/issues/election-2008

Environment Colorado is committed to working in Colorado and with our federation of state organizations to mount an aggressive effort to secure a victory for Mark Udall, Betsy Markey, and Barack Obama including grassroots outreach to our members and the public.

“For real solutions to global warming and an investment in Colorado’s vast renewable resources, Betsy Markey is clearly the best choice for Congress,” said Kiely.