Fishing, rafting in Browns Canyon protected for future generations

Media Releases

Environment Colorado

Salida, CO- Browns Canyon, a popular spot for trout fishing and whitewater rafting here in central Colorado, will gain permanent protection tomorrow as a National Monument, following decades of campaigning by outdoor enthusiasts, the tourism industry, and some of the state’s most prominent political leaders. President Obama’s expected action, revealed this morning in the Denver Post, will preserve more than 20,000 rugged canyon acres surrounding the Arkansas River, a beloved area home to gold medal trout, black bears, and stunning vistas. Kim Stevens, Environment Colorado issued the following statement in response:

“Places like Browns Canyon are a big part of what makes Colorado so special. That’s why tens of thousands of Coloradans from all walks of life called for the permanent protection of this incredible landscape. That’s why we’re thrilled future generations will have the chance for the same spectacular views and opportunities to raft, hike, and fish that we enjoy today.

“President Obama, former Senator Mark Udall and Senator Michael Bennet all get credit for safeguarding this special place. Everyone who signed a petition, attended a meeting, or made a phone call to protect Browns Canyon has a lot to be proud of, too.

“Environment Colorado looks forward to continuing to work with the administration and Congress to keep pristine public lands off limits to development, mining, drilling, and pollution. Future generations of Americans and the wildlife that depend on these ecosystems deserve nothing less.”