Trump’s First 100 Days: A Disaster for the Planet and Our Families’ Health

Although our air and water are much cleaner than they were 40+ years ago when the Cuyahoga River was burning and the skies in numerous cities were gray with pollution, our environment and our families’ health is still not as safe as it should be. Americans in 49 states experienced at least one day in 2015 where the air was unhealthy to breathe; global warming threatens our health and the planet; agriculture and stormwater runoff pollute our waterways and the oil, coal, gas and mining industries are aggressively gearing up to expand their destructive activities into new pristine public places.

Unfortunately in his first 100 days, President Trump has done virtually nothing to improve the quality of our environment and instead he has taken numerous actions to put our air, water, land and health in harm’s way. This puts him at odds with the environment, public health, and the will of the majority of Americans.