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Protect Colorado’s Western Slope from oil and gas drilling

Thompson divide aerial shot -shows green mountains with dramatic shadows
Ecoflight | Used by permission
The Thompson Divide in central Colorado.

Re: Thompson Divide Withdrawal #63679

Dear Project Manager Elysia Retzlaff,

Thank you for proposing the withdrawal of future oil and gas leasing in the Thompson Divide area of Western Colorado. The area contains habitats for rare species, such as the Canadian Lynx, and numerous threatened plant species. Also, the area is nestled between the Ragged and West Elk Wilderness areas, and the planned withdrawal would connect these two areas with land protected from future oil and gas leasing.

Oil and gas leasing on these lands would harm the wildlife and their habitat and interfere with recreational activities from hunting to hunting and camping.

We strongly urge you to withdraw the proposed land area of the Thompson Divide from oil and gas leasing for the next 20 years. This would secure this gorgeous recreational area for generations to come.


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