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Hartford, CT — Today, Environment Connecticut released the Environment America federal scorecard evaluating how the Connecticut congressional delegation has voted when it comes to supporting clean air, clean water and other environmental protections. Absences count against a member’s score. State Director Chris Phelps released the following statement:

“The country is terribly polarized these days on all sorts of issues, including the need to protect our environment. It shouldn’t be this way, it didn’t used to be, and I’m pleased to say that in the Connecticut delegation, all members are on the same page when it comes to our air and water.

“Overall, the U.S. Senate got only a score of 48% and the U.S. House of Representatives scored just 45%, which does not bode well for our air or water.  Here in Connecticut our two senators voted for the planet 100% of the time and our house delegation averaged 96% — amongst the most environmental leaders in the Congress.

“Connecticut’s voters have true champions in Washington, D.C. when it comes to standing up for our air and water and families. We count on our delegation to continue showing strong and effective leadership and working to encourage the entire Congress to support the core environmental values we all share.”


Environment Connecticut is a statewide citizen based environmental advocacy organization working for a cleaner, greener, healthier future.

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