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Global Warming Solutions

Goal: To give our children and grandchildren a safer, healthier future by going fossil fuel free, promoting carbon-free transportation, reducing power plant pollution, preserving tropical forests and more.
A greener, healthier world requires each of us to do all we can to eliminate the pollution and practices that are warming the planet and changing our climate. Environment America takes concrete steps to move us closer to the world we want to live in, from promoting the fossil fuel divestment movement to accelerating the transition to cars that don’t pollute.
  • <h4>DESTINATION: ZERO CARBON</h4><h5>We're working to make all new cars electric by 2035, all buses electric by 2030, and to double the number of people who travel on foot, bike or public transit by 2030.</h5>
  • <h4>FOSSIL FUEL FREE</h4><h5>We're working to revoke the oil, gas and coal industries’ “social license” to operate as usual by building the fossil fuel free divestment movement.</h5>
  • <h4>TROPICAL FOREST PROTECTION</h4><h5>The world’s tropical forests are the lungs of the world, “breathing in” carbon to keep it out of our atmosphere. We’re doing our part to save them by urging companies to commit to zero deforestation.</h5>
  • <h4>REGIONAL CLIMATE ACTION</h4><h5>State and local action will continue to be critical to make progress on global warming solutions.  That’s why the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative might be the most important climate program you’ve never heard of. </h5>
Solutions to global warming

To promote global warming solutions, Environment America, our network of 29 state affiliates, and members and activists in all 50 states are running these projects and campaigns:

Destination: Zero Carbon: We simply can't solve global warming without changing how Americans get around. To reach our destination, we’re aiming to make all new car sales electric by 2035, make all school and transit buses electric by 2030, and double the number of people who travel on foot, bike, or public transit by 2030.

Fossil Fuel Free: Even as global warming accelerates, the major oil, gas and coal companies are sticking to business as usual. Fortunately, a growing number of investors understand that the industry’s business model is incompatible with what scientists are telling us we must do to slow global warming. That’s why we’re supporting the fossil fuel divestment movement.

Tropical Forest Protection: To slow global warming, we must protect the world’s tropical forests. We’re doing our part by urging companies to commit to stop cutting them down—a commitment known as zero-deforestation. We are currently focusing on the beef and soybean supply chain.

Regional Climate Action: We also must reduce and ultimately eliminate carbon pollution from power plants. The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative might be the most important regional climate program you’ve never heard of.

Our staff rallied support to help win the Clean Power Plan. Now, we are working to defend it.
The Environment America approach

Each Environment America campaign and project aims to protect our planet and our children from global warming a unique way. But they all share a common approach. Each campaign strives to:

Put the environment first. Global warming is an enormous threat. But it’s just one symptom of our unhealthy relationship to our environment. To meet the climate challenge, we must put the environment first. Through our research and public education, we’re working to shift more hearts and minds over to this point of view.

Take a strategic approach. We must think big and act boldly, but we recognize that progress comes one step at a time. Our focus is on making a difference in public policy and in our lives and our environment, not just making a statement.

Build on what works. We’ve won policies, actions and decisions that have resulted in reduced carbon pollution across the country. We know which policies work, how they can be improved, and what it takes to win their approval. As always, we’re also open to new ideas that work even better.

Work together. We work to unite people from all across the political spectrum around action on global warming, whether it’s drivers who want to go electric or small business owners who can benefit from smart climate action programs. Our advocates in Washington, D.C., lobby members of Congress from both parties. Our advocates in the states build coalitions that include doctors and nurses, religious leaders and educators, and people from all walks of life. Our organizers and canvassers engage hundreds of thousands of people. Our members and activists live in all 50 states.

Stop fossil fuel subsidies -- support the Clean Energy for America Act

Billions of taxpayer dollars are used to prop up the toxic fossil fuel industry every year. It's time we stop funding the industry that is killing our planet and end fossil fuel subsidies for good.