How To Go Solar

Thinking about going solar but don’t know where to get started? Here’s what you need to know about your solar options, whether you rent or own.
What's included:
Every empty rooftop is an opportunity to tap into the clean, renewable energy of the sun.

Solar energy continues to grow throughout the United States, with solar installations increasing 19% over the previous year and predictions to continue increasing by 66% over the next decade. Yet we’re still only tapping into a tiny percentage of the incredible potential of solar power. Many households are perfect for solar panels, and there are even local solar options available for renters or others who can’t install their own system, but many people just don’t know how to take the first step. That’s why we partner with EnergySage to bring you online tools and resources that make it easy to explore your local solar options.

Want to get started? Here’s what you need to know.

Explore your solar options with EnergySage

Learn more about how to go solar here. Then head to EnergySage for a free estimate and comparison tool to explore rooftop solar and community solar options customized for you.

Why go solar?

Solar power is critical to protecting the environment. Solar is an energy source we can depend on to be virtually pollution-free. Harnessing the power of the sun with solar energy means cleaner air, a more stable climate, and less strain on natural resources. With each new kilowatt hour of solar, we chip away at our reliance on polluting fossil fuels and take a step toward a cleaner, healthier society.

Solar energy also makes our energy grid more resilient. It reduces the need for generation from central power plants and, over the long lifetime of solar systems, it also can increase price stability and grid reliability and reduce environmental compliance costs. You can make your own home even more resilient by adding a battery to your solar energy system.  Check out our report “The True Value of Solar” to learn more.

And as an added bonus, going solar can reduce your utility bill. When you install solar panels, your savings depend on a few different factors, like how much energy your solar system produces, how much energy you use and incentives available in your area. Regardless, generating your own energy with a rooftop solar panel system can help reduce your utility bill and protect you from rising electricity prices. Most homeowners save thousands on electricity bills over the 25+ year lifespan of their solar panel system. Similarly, with community solar, you can also reduce your annual electricity costs while helping support local renewable energy projects.

Getting started: Installing solar panels
Going solar is as easy as 1-2-3!
Step one: Register online

It only takes a few minutes to get started. Head to EnergySage and create your free account by entering your address and electric bill info. From there, you can access FAQs and educational resources to learn more about solar and decide whether it’s right for your home.

Step two: Receive quotes from local installers

Once you’ve registered, you can receive custom quotes from EnergySage’s pre-screened installers in a standard, easy-to-understand format. EnergySage has an extensive network of over 400 pre-screened, high-quality solar installers who will compete for your business.

Step three: Compare quotes and pick an installer

EnergySage can help you find the best solar solution by offering side-by-side comparisons for all of the quotes you receive. Along the way, you’ll have complimentary access to a dedicated Energy Advisor who can provide expert, unbiased advice on your solar options and answer any questions you have about solar panel technology, local incentives, financing options and installation best practices.

What comes next? Good for you, good for us, good for the planet.

Once you move forward with an installer and get your system up and running, the benefits of solar start rolling in! Plus, when you go solar through our partnership, you can opt into a $250 donation through EnergySage on your behalf, to support our work advocating for renewable energy, conservation and a healthier planet. Go to EnergySage to get started.

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Getting started: Community solar
What is community solar?

Not everyone can install solar panels on their rooftop. Fortunately, renters and others still have options for tapping into the benefits of solar energy. You can participate in community solar by subscribing to a share of a solar farm near you. Rather than producing power on your rooftop, you benefit from clean energy produced at a nearby solar farm. As a subscriber, you receive a credit on your utility bill for the energy your portion of the solar farm produced. This solar option lets you support local solar while saving on your electricity bill.

How do I get started with community solar?

EnergySage’s Community Solar Marketplace makes it easy to find local community solar projects in several states. With their tool, you can compare multiple options in your area and find the perfect solution for your needs. As a bonus, when you subscribe to a community solar project through our partnership, you can opt into a $100 donation through EnergySage on your behalf to support our work advocating for renewable energy, conservation and a healthier planet.

Go to EnergySage to find open community solar projects near you.

Take part in clean energy generation with community solar

By subscribing to receive credits from a local solar farm, you can help ensure that your electricity consumption is offset by solar energy from environmentally-sustainable solar projects in your area.

Join our call to put solar on all new homes

Every roof built without a solar panel is a missed opportunity. Take action to support a Solar Homes policy in your state to install all new homes with solar panels.