Voters Protect Maine’s Land, Say Yes to Question 3

Environment Maine

On Nov. 2, Mainers voted overwhelmingly in favor of Question 3 on the ballot, which invests $9.75 million in conserving land in Maine though the Land for Maine’s Future program. The initiative passed by a margin of more than 18 percent.

Over the last two decades, the Land for Maine’s Future program helped protect more than half a million acres of land in Maine, including in every county across the state, but the program had run out of money for new projects. 

The Land for Maine’s Future program preserved the summit and northern slopes of Tumbledown Mountain, where Mainers have hiked for generations, after land nearby was sold to developers and then heavily cut and cleared. Now, the program’s ability to protect places like Tumbledown Mountain has been restored. With financial investors and developers continuing to buy up Maine’s land at a rapid pace, the Land for Maine’s Future program can begin critical new conservation projects to preserve the state’s most treasured places.