Environment Maine member Ken Winship

We are the environment

Ken Winship
Member, Environment Maine

I’m from Falmouth, Maine. My hobbies include hiking, swimming, gardening, woodworking and doing anything outdoors. I first became passionate about the environment at 12 years old after going to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation summer camp in the Adirondacks — we learned about food waste and conservation. I support Environment Maine’s practical approach to encouraging top down legislation to reduce fossil fuel use and to preserve land and natural resources. Our environment is important because it’s the only one we have. We are the environment, we do not stand apart from it, it’s our legacy. I want people to realize that not everyone has to speak at a protest, or sit in a lawmaker’s office, or donate $1 million to the cause of saving our environment. Meet movements where you’re at now, and go from there.