windmills in field
WestBoundary Photography / Chris Gill

It’s time for our country to conserve more energy, use the energy we do have more wisely and efficiently, and rely only on sources of energy that are clean, renewable and leave less environmental damage in their wake.

Environment America is working to urge campuses, cities and states to lead the way to 100% renewable power, make strong commitments to solar, and harness the abundant wind power off our coasts.


Clean air

Our country’s reliance on fossil fuels is leaving millions of Americans with polluted air to breathe.

Protect Our Oceans

Our country is blessed with sandy beaches, rocky coves, towering sea cliffs and an astonishing variety of ocean wildlife living along our shores. And yet, our oceans are suffering due to human actions.

100% Renewable

Can you imagine a world powered solely by clean, renewable energy? So can we. So can a growing number of clean energy champions. And we’re working together to make it happen.