EPA Standard for Gasoline-Powered Vehicles is Good News for our Health, Environment

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Environment Massachusetts

Boston — In response to today’s announcement that the Environmental Protection Agency has finalized new pollution standards from gasoline-powered vehicles, Ben Hellerstein, field associate for Environment Massachusetts, issued the following statement:

“Every parent in America should be free from worry about their kids getting sick from breathing the air when they play outside. That’s the promise of the Clean Air Act — and it’s a promise that we’re one step closer to fulfilling with today’s announcement.

“The Environmental Protection Agency’s new rules will prevent up to 50,000 cases of respiratory ailments for children annually, nationwide. We thank President Obama and EPA Administrator McCarthy for their continued commitment to cleaner air for America.

“This action was made possible by the leadership of Massachusetts, which worked together with California and 12 other states to create state-level clean car standards, forming the basis of the rules finalized today by EPA.”