Solar power

A million solar roofs for Massachusetts

solar panels on homes
Werner Slocum / NREL | Public Domain

Solar energy just makes sense. It’s clean, healthy and local. It has zero fuel costs, and it’s getting more and more affordable all the time. There’s no wonder solar is the most popular energy source: Over 90% of Massachusetts residents agree we should get more of our power from the sun.

But despite recent progress, too much of our energy still comes from dirty fossil fuels like oil and gas. And a big part of the problem is that we’re making it too difficult to go solar. State leaders have placed arbitrary limits on a key solar incentive program, while utility companies are imposing excessive fees on solar projects.

If we correct course and institute more pro-solar policies, by 2030 Massachusetts can install 10 gigawatts of solar capacity, the equivalent of 1 million solar roofs. That would be a huge step toward a cleaner, healthier future — and in order for it to happen, we need our decision-makers, especially Gov. Maura Healey, to act.


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