12 ways to show your mom, and our Earth, you care

Celebrate Mother’s Day with nature-themed crafts and activities.

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With Mother’s Day right around the corner, many of us are making plans to celebrate our moms. Here are 12 ideas that you can use celebrate both your mom and nature this Mother’s Day:

  1. Make your mom a card and decorate it with leaf rubbings.
  2. Draw pictures of your favorite animals to decorate a card.

  3. Create a portrait of your mom out of leaves, sticks, flowers and other foraged materials.

  4. Spend time together reading one of these nature-themed books.

  5. Make her a reusable bag from old t-shirts. BONUS: If you have fabric paint or fabric markers, write her a secret message on the inside!

  6. Make a trophy for your mom out of bottles bound for the recycling bin.

  7. If your mom loves to garden, make plantable seed paper from old paper scraps or seed bombs as a gift.

  8. Give her a bird feeder made out of a milk or juice carton.

  9. Make a collage of nature photos for her desk.

  10. Write her a story about a time you spent together in nature.

  11. Write a poem about her favorite plant or animal.

  12. Explore nature together! If you are far apart, technology can help you share pictures of the nature that you find or even go on a walk together on a video call. BONUS: Complete a bingo card while exploring nature together.

Making bird feeders from old milk cartons.

Make a bird feeder out of a milk or juice carton as a gift.

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Cover of Myrtle the Turtle children's book.

Read a book about nature or wildlife together.

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Family riding bikes on a path with Chicago skyline in the background

Take a bike ride together in your local park.

Photo by Emily Kowalski | TPIN

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