An extended bus drives on an empty freeway near a bay on a sunny day.
Oran Viriyincy | CC-BY-SA-2.0

Biking, walking & transit

Less driving is possible

Residents of several states and cities have driven fewer miles on average in recent years than they did two decades ago. This decline suggests that Americans’ high levels of driving are not inevitable.


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Solar on Warehouses

Clean energy

Solar on Warehouses

Solar power is getting cheaper and more efficient all the time, and America should take advantage of untapped solar energy opportunities, including the billions of square feet of warehouse rooftops across the country.


Green Schools Guide

Clean energy

Green Schools Guide

The best way to teach kids to value our planet is to take action to protect our environment ourselves, and to get them involved in doing so. To celebrate Earth Day this year, this toolkit offers parents, teachers, staff, and students ways that they can make their schools more eco-friendly.

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