Environment Michigan Endorses Rep. Gary Peters, Releases Ad Highlighting Terri Lynn Land’s Ties to Polluting Koch Brothers

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Environment Michigan

ANN ARBOR, Mich.—Environment Michigan, the statewide citizen-based environmental advocacy group, conducted a two week ad campaign they recently ran highlighting U.S. Senate Candidate Terri Lynn’s ties to the billionaire polluters Charles and David Koch. Environment Michigan endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Congressman Gary Peters for the seat. Shelley Vinyard, Regional Program Director for Environment Michigan, released the following statement:

“The overwhelming majority of Michiganders agree that our state’s environment is worth protecting.

“The billionaire Koch Brothers have recklessly dumped toxic chemicals in our state for decades, and now they are dumping millions into a campaign to elect one of their most reliable allies, Terri Lynn Land.

“In contrast, Congressman Gary Peters has continually stood up for the Great Lakes, supported limiting carbon pollution from dirty power plants, and is a staunch advocate for protecting Michiganders from the worst effects of climate change.

“Michiganders have a clear choice between a candidate that is committed to protecting the places and environmental values that make Michigan so special, and a candidate who supports and is supported by out-of-state Big Oil billionaires. For Environment Michigan, the choice to endorse Gary Peters for U.S. Senate was clear.”

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