New Study: Nation’s Energy System Threatened By Global Warming-Related Severe Weather

Environment Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN— The country’s energy system is threatened by global warming-fueled severe weather events according to a new study released Thursday by the U.S. Department of Energy. This report builds on numerous other studies that have made it clear that global warming is real, it is already starting to have devastating effects on our communities, and those effects will only grow worse unless we cut emissions of the carbon pollution fueling global warming now.

Madeline Page, field organizer with Environment Minnesota issued the following statement in response:

“This report confirms what many Minnesotans have been seeing with their own eyes: Global warming is very real and it is negatively affecting our daily lives. Minnesotans need only recall last month’s storm-induced power-outage, which could become the norm with more frequent and severe storms, to understand the impacts of this study.

“Now we need to build on this research with action. We have the solutions to global warming, but our elected officials must do more to implement them. At the federal level, President Obama needs to implement the best parts of his plan to address global warming, including setting carbon pollution limits on power plants. Doing so will help fulfill our obligation to our children and grandchildren to address this problem.”