Advocates Applaud NJBPU’s Third Offshore Wind Solicitation: Bids Would Power More Than 1.7 Million NJ Homes

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Trenton — New Jersey business, health, labor, community and environmental leaders today applaud the state’s third round solicitation as the Board of Public Utilities seeks proposals to support responsibly-developed offshore wind off the Jersey Shore and advance the state’s clean energy goals with up to 4,000 Megawatts of additional clean energy (enough to supplant eight fossil fuel plants). This third solicitation is a continuation of New Jersey’s leadership in procuring clean, renewable energy to fight climate change and establish the state as a supply chain hub for the offshore wind industry.

New Jersey is at the vanguard of a new clean, renewable energy industry that will drive workforce development, shoreline protection, and marine and wildlife preservation. Offshore wind holds the key to powering New Jersey’s future to reduce dangerous climate pollutants and without harming the environment. Transitioning from fossil fuels to offshore wind can improve air quality and reduce risks of asthma, heart disease, and other conditions that currently threaten lives and causes billions of dollars in healthcare impacts.

“NJBPU continues to make New Jersey the leading state in the nation on offshore wind development by setting clear benchmarks on the delivery of the largest source of clean, renewable energy for the state and region. With the impacts of climate change increasingly clear, we need to transition off fossil fuels, pipelines and power plants and power our economy with the energy of the wind. The best way to reach our state renewable energy mandate, fight climate change and clear our skies is to go big on offshore wind,” said Doug O’Malley, Director, Environment New Jersey. “Gov, Murphy’s administration has set out a blueprint to make New Jersey the national leader on offshore wind and today’s solicitation furthers that record.”

“The New Jersey Sierra Club is extremely pleased to see another round of solicitation to support responsible offshore wind generation in New Jersey,” said Anjuli Ramos-Busot, Director, New Jersey Sierra Club. “The sooner we are able to ignite a just, clean energy transition for the state, the sooner we will be able to adapt and mitigate the worst impacts of climate change and kickstart a new green industry of family-sustaining jobs. This would position New Jersey as a leader in potentially one of the biggest sectors of American energy, and will ensure a safe climate future for generations to come.”

“We’re part of a large and growing chorus of health care professionals extremely concerned about our communities and eager to accelerate clean strategies like offshore wind in response to the climate crisis,” said Dan Quinlan, Senior Advisor, Health Care Without Harm. “We’re extremely pleased and encouraged to see this new round. New Jersey is emerging as a major leader in the push to create a clean energy economy, and we’re hopeful states nationwide follow our lead.”

Harnessing offshore wind will transition New Jersey from reliance on fossil fuel power plants, often located in or near overburdened urban communities, contribute to climate change; moving forward is critical to improve air quality and protect the Jersey Shore, along with other communities at risk for extreme weather events.

“This latest milestone is a welcome sign of progress in the transition toward a more sustainable clean energy economy,” said Richard Lawton, Executive Director, New Jersey Sustainable Business Council. “Offshore wind will not only help green our electrical grid, it will be a tremendous economic driver for our state’s businesses, workers and families for many years to come.  And New Jersey’s investment in the Paulsboro Wind Port will create a major offshore wind hub that will enhance America’s energy security. In an increasingly volatile geopolitical environment in which the global fossil fuel market has become weaponized by hostile nations, offshore wind will strengthen our national security as New Jerseyans increasingly generate and consume renewable sources of energy right here at home.”

“The opposition to clean energy is incredibly transparent, led by bad faith actors funded by the fossil fuel industry,” said Alex Ambrose, Climate Justice and Transportation Policy Analyst, New Jersey Policy Perspective. “It is obvious their goals are not to make New Jersey cleaner, safer, or more prepared for the climate crisis; their goals are only to protect an antiquated and dangerous source of energy. It’s time to put people, the planet, and good-paying jobs over profits and move forward with offshore wind.”

The release of this solicitation further solidifies New Jersey’s national leadership in developing America’s offshore wind sector, which has the potential to meet 90% of U.S. energy demand by 2050. The offshore wind industry presents workforce development opportunities throughout the domestic supply chain ranging from manufacturing, assembly, installation, operations, and maintenance with 20,000 new jobs expected by 2030. New Jersey’s ambitious offshore wind goals create opportunities to grow a domestic clean energy workforce and expand economic development, jobs, and entrepreneurial opportunities throughout the region.

“Today’s announcement of the third offshore wind solicitation is a huge win for our environment, our communities, and the workers of our state,” said Deb Coyle, Executive Director, NJ Work Environment Council. “Offshore wind will drive NJ’s green economy that will revitalize communities, create thousands of good-paying union jobs, and fight climate change. It is a win-win-win for our state.”

“For years, we have been touting how developing clean energy in our state will bridge the divide that often exists between union labor and environmentalists,” said Drew Tompkins, Director, Jersey Renews Coalition. “There is no better example of this than the offshore wind industry, which will power hundreds of thousands of New Jersey homes with clean energy while creating thousands of family sustaining jobs for our union brothers and sisters. Today’s BPU announcement will continue the growth of the offshore wind industry in our state and continues our state’s leadership on responsibly developed clean energy.”

“The New Jersey BPU should be applauded for moving forward with a third offshore wind solicitation. This step will help to create thousands of good-paying, union jobs for carpenters, dock builders, piledrivers, and millwrights throughout New Jersey,” said William C. Sproule, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Eastern Atlantic States (EAS) Regional Council of Carpenters. “EAS Carpenters, who proudly live and work in this great state, are the best trained and most prepared workforce in the country to build and maintain the new clean energy industry.”