Statement: New bill offers big boost for America’s wildlife conservation

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Alex Petersen

Bridget Sanderson

Former State Director, Environment Missouri

Taran Volckhausen

Former Communications Associate, The Public Interest Network

Bipartisan bill would fund state and tribal wildlife agencies’ conservation efforts

Environment America

WASHINGTON — Sens. Roy Blunt, a Republican from Missouri, and Martin Heinrich, a Democrat from New Mexico, introduced on Tuesday the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act to the United States Senate. If passed into law, the bill would provide $1.397 billion annually to state and tribal fish and wildlife agencies to protect vulnerable species. A companion bill was introduced in the House this April. The state and tribal wildlife agencies have collectively identified more than 12,000 species in need of conservation measures.

Environment America Conservation Advocate Alex Petersen issued the following statement: 

“As a general rule in the world of conservation, the longer you let a problem fester, the harder the challenge becomes. When species decline, they lose the genetic variation that makes them resilient to environmental changes, and saving the species becomes that much harder. These days, our wildlife are constantly facing new threats — from climate change to invasive species — and we want them to be on their best foot. Just like with so many other things in life, it pays to be proactive.”

“Saving species requires that we protect and restore habitat, and that takes funding. The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act gives the states the resources they need to prevent species’ decline before they hit the endangered species list. The bill also helps threatened and endangered species that too often linger near the abyss rather than fully recovering. This bipartisan bill goes beyond preventing extinction and works to build healthy, sustainable animal populations.”

Environment Missouri Director Bridget Sanderson issued the following statement:

“In its most recent State Wildlife Action Plan, the Missouri Department of Conservation has identified 405 species in greatest need of conservation. The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act would provide millions of dollars every year so our state’s incredible wildlife, from swamp rabbits to peregrine falcons, can survive and thrive for the long run. We applaud Senator Blunt for his leadership on this forward-thinking conservation bill.”



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