Anna Aurilio,
Environment America

Candidates Urged To Lead America To A Clean Energy Future

New Paper lays out a Clean Energy Action Plan for the 44th President’s First 100 Days in Office
For Immediate Release

A coalition of environmental, public health and clean energy businesses is urging the presidential candidates to pledge to turn things around and put America on a true clean energy path. The coalit ion gathered today at Sunset Park to release a new Environment America paper, Putting America on the Path to Clean Energy: A Presidential Plan of Action for the First 100 Days, laying out the immediate steps the 44th president should take to put America on a path toward true clean energy and energy independence within the first 100 days in office.  

“The next president will face an unprecedented energy crisis and boundless clean energy opportunities when they enter office in 2009,” said Melisa Stodieck with Environment America. “Americans are hungry for leaders who understand these challenges and who have the vision and commitment needed to launch America on a clean energy path. This paper lays out what putting that vision and commitment to work looks like within the first 100 days in office.”

The paper, released today in Nevada, lays out twelve achievable yet ambitious actions – ranging from increasing energy efficiency to installing more solar power – that the next president should, at a minimum, take within the first 100 days in office. Environment America, along with a growing coalition of organizations, is calling on the presidential candidates to take a pledge for clean energy, promising to, if elected, meet all future energy needs with clean, renewable energy. 

“The next president must prioritize harnessing America’s abundant clean energy resources and vast reserves of energy efficiency beginning with the inaugural address next January,” said Scot Rutledge, Executive Director of The Nevada Conservation League. “America can no longer afford to pass up the tremendous economic opportunities of a true clean energy path.  The right policies will both restore our environment and put more money in American's pocketbooks.

Putting America on the Path to Clean Energy closely follows an Environment America report, Clean Energy for America: Why the 44th President Must Put America on the Clean Energy Path that lays out a broader course of action to meet America’s future energy needs with energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy.


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