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Our children need safe drinking water – especially at school where they go to learn and play each day.  Unfortunately, lead is contaminating drinking water at schools and pre-schools across the country.  

The problem stems from pipes, plumbing, faucets and fixtures that contain lead.  The common-sense solution is to “get the lead out” of schools’ water delivery systems.

This “Back to School” toolkit designed to help parents, teachers and school officials get the facts on lead in drinking water and make the case for strong local action to ensure safe drinking water at school:

  • Learn the facts about lead in schools’ drinking water with our Factsheet.

  • Raise awareness in your community by sharing a short Video on social media, and submitting a Letter to the Editor to your local paper.

  • Show support for taking action by circulating a Petition.

  • Find answers to more detailed questions with our Links to Additional Resources.