Interior Announces Milestone for New York Offshore Commercial Wind Energy

Media Contacts
Heather Leibowitz

Environment New York

New York, NY- Today the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, a division of the U.S. Department of the Interior, announced it will offer 80,000 acres of federal waters for lease for offshore wind energy development off the Rockaways in New York. This Wind Energy Area is located approximately 11 miles off the coast of Long Island and totals about 81,130 acres.

Environment New York praised the move as a critical step to unleashing the immense power of the winds off of New York’s coast and a pivotal opportunity for New York leaders to act.

Heather Leibowitz, the Director of Environment New York offered the following statement:

“Hats off to the Obama Administration and BOEM for taking the critical next steps for a major expansion of New York’s largest untapped energy resource. 

“Governor Cuomo’s Clean Energy Standard promises that 50 percent of electricity customers’ power will come from renewable sources in 15 years. We can only get there by supporting programs and policies to ensure offshore wind is a significant part of the energy mix in New York.

“Offshore wind will be key to putting the Empire State on a path toward an economy powered entirely by renewable energy. We urge Governor Cuomo to seize this opportunity and make sure our state takes advantage of all the  benefits that come with increasing large scale offshore wind programs. 

“We look forward to supporting local, state and federal leaders in their efforts to go bigger on renewable energy by making a strong commitment to offshore wind development.”