Beyond plastic

Tell Secretary Haaland: 90% of plastic out of national parks by 2025

RitaE via Pixabay |

Secretary Haaland,

Thank you for taking the first step toward reducing plastic pollution by announcing a plan to phase out plastics in our national parks. These beautiful places are constantly strewn with single-use plastic waste, an issue only worsening with every bottle on a trail or bag in a tree. Plastic threatens to ruin nature for centuries with items used for minutes, and these products shouldn’t be spoiling our national parks’ beauty and endangering wildlife.

2032 is too long to wait to remove plastics from parks. The National Park Service already deals with an average of nearly 70 million pounds of waste annually, 81% of it plastic. It shouldn’t take a decade to get plastic out of our parks.

We urge you to act swiftly for the health of national parks by phasing out 90% of single-use plastics on Department of Interior lands by 2025. These magnificent areas and the wondrous nature they hold were never meant for waste disposal.