Marcellus Shale Newswire 07/08/2011

Vol. 2, Issue 17

A Collection of Marcellus Shale and Gas Drilling Articles from Pennsylvania and Beyond


Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Pennsylvania fracking water being disposed in Ohio

By Timothy Puko

June 5, 2011

Ohio accepted 14.8 million gallons of hydraulic fracturing waste water in the last 6 months of 2010 and has 174 permitted disposal wells in the state. The state has made nearly $1 million in fees this year from out-of-state drillers pumping the waste water underneath Ohio. In the first three months of this year 49 percent of the waste water came from out of state. 


Scranton Times-Tribune

Former PA regulators waiting for the teeth in New York drilling rules

By Laura Legere

July 7, 2011

Environmental regulators in are waiting to hear how New York handles regulations on hydraulic fracturing. Pennsylvania has faced a tremendous amount of criticism for the lack of substantial regulation on Marcellus shale gas drilling and so they are anxious to hear how their neighbor deals with the issue. The New York Department of Environmental Conservation is releasing a 900 page report on the recommendations for regulating gas drilling. 


The Towanda Daily Review

DEP study refutes Crystal Stroud’s claim of gas well poisoning

By James Loewenstein 

July 8, 2011

Crystal Stroud of Granville Summit said she began having medical issues in late March due to elevated levels of contaminants in her drinking water well. The DEP just finished their investigation of her claim that this was caused by the Marcellus shale gas drilling well 1,200 feet from her house. The DEP concluded that her well was not contaminted by gas drilling and it was due to “geological conditions” in the area. 


Wilkes Barre Times-Leader

Health survey to address drilling impact

By Matt Hughes

July 8, 2011

The Northeast Regional Cancer Institute announced on Thursday that they are starting a community health survey of the health statues of residents in 10 counties of Northeastern PA. The survey is to see the effects on Marcellus shale gas drilling on the health of the residents by gathering baseline data. State Senator John Blake said on Thursday, “if there is a link to cancer and other disease from Marcellus Shale, we need to know that as soon as possible.”


The Pocono Record

Head of river watchdog group urges tighter laws for gas drilling companies

By Jessica Cohen

July 8, 2011

Tracy Carluccio, deputy director of the Delaware Riverkeepers Network, said that drilling rules drafted in April by the Delaware River Basin Commission are inadequate to protect the watershed. After listening to reports of water contamination in Western Pennsylvania, Carluccio is working to protect the water of those in Eastern PA before it is too late. 


Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Oil, gas drilling rules fail in Murrysville Council

By Paul Paterra

July 8, 2011

The Murrysville Council voted on Wednesday to table a motion to advertise a proposed amendment to regulate gas drilling in the Murrysville Community Park and open space along Pleasant Valley Road. Jeff Kepler states on Wednesday, “With (the park), we own the gas, but yet council can vote to sell the gas rights without a public hearing. I have a big problem with that…I would like to formally propose we start all over and change the map.”


Central PA’s Patriot News

DEP to make gas wells near high quality streams go through full permitting process

By Donald Gilliland

July 7, 2011

The Department of Environmental Protection is changing its permitting process for Marcellus shale gas drilling to protect pristine mountain streams. The DEP has agreed to remove “expedited” permitting from drilling applications near streams with the highest water quality. It is also removing expedited process for permits in floodplains.