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Carbon Pricing 101

U.S. policymakers must use every practical policy tool to tackle climate change – promoting rapid deployment of renewable energy sources, investing in research and development of clean energy technologies and energy efficiency and taking regulatory actions to push polluters away from using dirty fossil fuels. A central element in this strategy should be putting a price on carbon pollution. This new report shows how carbon pricing can be used to push polluters to use energy more efficiently and shift from oil, coal and natural gas to clean, renewable energy.

Report | Environment America Research & Policy Center

Electric Buildings

Report | Environment America Research & Policy Center

Offshore Wind for America

Building a world powered by 100% renewable energy will make us both healthier and safer. To get there, we need to make simultaneous use of every source of renewable energy because each has its unique advantages and complements the others. For the United States, offshore wind energy is a largely untapped resource with many benefits – a key element of a future energy system powered by renewable energy. This report discusses technical potential for offshore wind in the U.S..

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Microplastics in Pennsylvania

Plastic is everywhere and in everything. It’s used as packaging, it’s in food service products, and it’s in clothing. All told, Americans generate over 35 million tons of plastic waste every year, 90% of which is landfilled or incinerated.1 In fact, the U.S. throws out enough plastic every 16 hours to fill the Dallas Cowboys stadium, and that amount is increasing.

Report | Environment America Research and Policy Center

Superfund Underfunded

One in six Americans lives within 3 miles of a proposed or approved Superfund toxic waste site. Yet the program to clean up these sites has experienced a declining budget, and success, putting people at risk from hazardous contamination.