Statement: R.I. Senate steps up as a “leader in the nationwide movement toward a clean and renewable future”

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Emma Searson

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Commitment to 100 percent renewable electricity passes out of state Senate

Environment Rhode Island

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — A bill committing Rhode Island to meeting 100 percent of its electricity needs with renewable energy by 2030 passed out of the state Senate on Tuesday. If it also passes in the House of Representatives and is signed into law by Gov. Daniel McKee, Rhode Island would become the eighth U.S. state to pass a binding, legislative commitment to achieving 100 percent clean or renewable electricity. 

The Renewable Energy Standard Act was introduced by Rhode Island Senate President Dominick J. Ruggiero. It codifies a 2020 executive order from then-Gov. Gina Raimondo and would establish the most ambitious timeline for a statewide transition to 100 percent renewable electricity to date. In addition, the bill would increase Rhode Island’s existing renewable electricity targets for the years leading up to 2030. 

In response, Environment Rhode Island 100% Renewable Campaign Director Emma Searson released the following statement:

“The Rhode Island Senate stepped up as a leader in the nationwide movement toward a clean and renewable future by passing the Renewable Energy Standard Act. It makes perfect sense that the Ocean State should set the pace when it comes to renewable energy given the fact that our state has enough offshore wind potential alone to meet our electricity needs more than eight times over, based on recent data. If passed, this bill will ensure that we take advantage of that abundance to benefit every community in Rhode Island. 

“Thank you to Senate President Ruggiero and all who voted in favor of this legislation for your leadership. We look forward to continuing to support this extraordinary commitment as it moves next to the House of Representatives.”