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Save the bees

Tell the EPA: Regulate pesticide-coated seeds that kill birds and bees

Toxic pesticide-coated seeds are killing essential pollinators. Tell the EPA: Protect bees and birds from toxic seeds.

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For millennia, ancient forests have watched over us and sustained us. Can we do the same for them? Will Harlan, Center for Biological Diversity
"So when it comes to clean water, the first line of defense starts with mature and old growth forests. Preserving old growth trees coincides with improving water quality." Victoria Frankeny, Tualatin Riverkeepers
Protecting the intact public forests that remain are the keys to allowing forests to perform their natural role in regulating climate, while protecting communities from wildfires. Ric Bailey, North Cascades Conservation Council
Grassroots climate groups like mine, 350 Eugene, understand that forest defense is climate defense, and we're fierce. Patty Hine, 350 Eugene
We must courageously acknowledge the disappearance of these towering trees, and then turn loss into decision. The old-growth forest is literally just a thought form away. We are the children of the children of the generation who cut the forest down. We can be the generation that chooses to bring it back. Nancy Stranahan, Arc of Appalachia

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Help defend our oldest forests.

Mature forests are on the chopping block. With your support, we can stand up for the trees. Will you donate today?