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Testimony in support of the Rice’s whale

Today we testified before the National Marine Fisheries Service in support of their proposal to designate critical habitat for Rice’s Whales under the Endangered Species Act

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The Threat of “Forever Chemicals”

Clean water

The Threat of “Forever Chemicals”

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, more commonly known as PFAS, are dangerous for public health. Because these “forever chemicals” are nearly indestructible, PFAS build up in the bodies of humans over time and persist in the environment. PFAS can cause kidney cancer, thyroid disruption, reduced responses to vaccination, and other health problems.


Less driving is possible
An extended bus drives on an empty freeway near a bay on a sunny day.

Biking, walking & transit

Less driving is possible

Residents of several states and cities have driven fewer miles on average in recent years than they did two decades ago. This decline suggests that Americans’ high levels of driving are not inevitable.


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