Dallas effectively bans fracking

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DALLAS – The Dallas City Council approved a tough new ordinance today which effectively bans drilling within city limits. The new standards require drilling rigs and compressor stations to be set back 1500 feet from protected areas like homes and schools. The new buffer is five times greater than the old standard of just 300 feet and is one of the strongest in Texas. Working with local groups, Environment Texas campaigned for years in support of the ordinance, testifying before city council and issuing email action alerts to generate comments to council. 

“We applaud the Dallas City Council for taking action to protect the city from the dangers of dirty drilling,” said Environment Texas Director Luke Metzger. “Oil and gas drilling is dirty, dangerous and threatens our health. It has no place next to our homes and schools.”

In October, Environment Texas released a report documenting that fracking generated 275,000 tons of air pollution in Texas in 2012. Air pollution from fracking contributes to the formation of ozone “smog,” which reduces lung function among healthy people, triggers asthma attacks, and has been linked to increases in school absences, hospital visits and premature death. The report also showed that fracking generated 260 billion gallons of toxic wastewater in Texas.