I’m working for a sustainable future

Laura Deehan
State Director, Environment California

I grew up in Scotland, which is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Moving from Scotland to California when I was in high school really opened my eyes to how much of the world around us is the result of a set of decisions that we have made as a community or as a society, including how we get around. I was really stunned by how big the roads were in California and that there weren’t sidewalks. It really made me realize we could make a different set of decisions about all of this.

I want a sustainable future for my kids and for everyone, but so many people today feel like we’re doomed, and that’s just not true. Over the past 20 years, first at CALPIRG and now at Environment California, I’ve stood on the shoulders of so many people here at The Public Interest Network who’ve helped to create the powerful organization that now represents tens of thousands of members across the state, all standing together working to build a better world and a safer environment for the future.

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