Roadless area protections bill introduced

Roadless areas are critical as countless species’ habitats. They filter drinking water for millions of people. And hikers and fishers use them for recreation.

Hikers in the Tongass National Forest
Staff | TPIN

Reps. Gallego and DeGette and Sen. Cantwell have introduced a bill to Protect America’s National Forests. The Roadless Area Conservation Act will safeguard millions of acres of America’s national forests, permanently protecting roadless areas from logging and road-building by strenghening the 2001 Roadless Rule.

Right now is the time to strengthen this rule and demonstrate our commitment to protecting some of the most awe-inspiring places in our National Forests. We need more nature in our lives, and we get more value out of protecting our national forests for the long-haul than we do from allowing logging companies to harvest more logs.




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