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Virginia is for RGGI lovers

Despite passing the General Assembly, reducing carbon pollution and funding climate forward projects across Virginia, Gov. Youngkin is working to repeal Virginia from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). Tomorrow is the final deadline to comment and show support for RGGI.

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The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) is one of Virginia’s top global warming solutions and is currently under attack. We need you to show your support for RGGI and protect this critical program.

In 2020, Virginia passed a bill in the General Assembly and joined RGGI. Since then the program has not only reduced carbon emissions by nearly 17% but has also generated hundreds of millions of dollars for resiliency and energy efficiency projects across the Commonwealth.

Despite the General Assembly defending the program this year and last, the Youngkin administration has taken regulatory steps to withdraw Virginia from RGGI. In June, the Air Pollution and Control Board voted in favor of repeal 4-3. The legality of this is debatable because in order to to join and participate in RGGI, the program needed to be approved by the General Assembly. Lawsuits by environmental groups have been filed over this point.

What can I do to protect RGGI?

Hundreds of Virginians have submitted comments at every step of this repeal process which leads us to our final comment deadline tomorrow. While this will likely continue to play out in the courts as well, it is important to continue to show support for climate action. Right now, you can leave a comment in support of RGGI here (takes only a couple minutes!).

Virginians have made their voices heard when electing climate champs to the General Assembly that they want to leave a better environment for future generations. It is our opportunity once again to make sure that message is heard.

Susan Kaplan

Former Media Relations Manager

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