100% Clean Electricity Bill Passes in WA Senate Committee

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“Advocates call for strengthening and passing the bill this year”

Environment Washington

Olympia, WA – Today, the Senate Energy, Environment and Technology Committee passed an amended and weakened version of the 100% clean, renewable electricity bill, SB 5116. Following is the statement of Environment Washington Director Bruce Speight:

“We applaud the Washington Senators who supported advancing the 100% clean electricity bill today and for maintaining the short-term targets requiring utilities to be 80% clean by 2030, but the bill passed today does not reflect the aggressive transition to clean energy that Washington State needs to be adopting. Weakening amendments that were adopted will only undermine the swift transition that we need to make.

We need bold action for clean energy in Washington. The current version of the Senate bill falls short, but we look forward to working with Senators to pass a strong bill that advances a clean energy future for our state.

We can have healthier, more vibrant communities and a livable future for kids growing up today, but to get there, we must transform the ways we produce and consume energy. That has to start with a strong 100% clean, renewable electricity policy and the amended bill that passed today falls short.”


Environment Washington is a statewide, membership-based environmental advocacy organization. www.environmentwashington.org.

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