Washington to become second state to adopt new energy-saving standards for common appliances and products

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Environment Washington

Olympia, WA — The Washington State Legislature passed a bill this week establishing energy efficiency standards on 17 common consumer products. HB 1444 now awaits the governor’s signature. Once that occurs, Washington will become the second state to adopt this new round of updated standards. The new law applies to a range of products and appliances, including commercial dishwashers, commercial fryers, water coolers and faucets.

Environment Washington Director Bruce Speight issued the following statement:

“We applaud the state legislature, especially Representatives Jeff Morris and Joe Fitzgibbon, for recognizing the tremendous value of appliance efficiency standards. These types of rules often go unnoticed, but they are a sensible and significant way to improve the health of both people and the planet. By applying these common-sense measures, our state will take a big bite out of pollution by reducing the amount of unnecessary energy wasted by common products.

“Specifically, Washington will prevent some 176 thousand metric tons of climate-altering carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere, which is the equivalent of taking more than 38,000 cars off the road each year. It will also prevent pollution from nitrogen oxide (smog-causing pollution) and sulfur dioxide (a fine particulate pollution). While this law is just one step, it’s a very valuable one that will improve the standard of living for both us and future generations.”


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