Student Action Workshop: Writing legislators & letters to the editor

Plastic Free WA coalition members run an activist workshop for students across the state.

Take Action

This video is the second presentation in a four part series of student-centered workshops about plastic, climate, and waste issues and how students can take action to support plastic reduction policies like extended producer responsibility for waste and recycling.

Throughout the series, students will learn more about the issue and get training on tried and true civic engagement tactics, from letter writing to planning and holding lobby meetings with their elected leaders.  Students interested in joining can RSVP here.

In this workshop, you’ll learn the best practices for writing a letter to your legislators and writing a letter to the editor- both of which are important tools of advocacy. The workshop will focus on the WRAP Act, which will tackle the issues we’re facing with waste and recycling in our state.

You can see messaging guidelines, sample letters, and a summary of best practices in the webinar AND our activist toolkit. 

To take action, Washington students should:


Pam Clough

Advocate, Environment Washington

As an advocate with Environment Washington, Pam develops and runs campaigns to protect Washington's air, water, and special places. She has worked on issues ranging from clean energy climate solutions, preventing plastic pollution, defending clean water, and protecting our special natural spaces. Pam lives in Steilacoom, Washington, where she enjoys kayaking on the Puget Sound, gardening and hiking in the surrounding mountains.

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