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What’s next for Washington in the fight against plastic pollution

Washington already has bans on single-use plastic bags and a wide range of polystyrene foam products — but there's still so much more we can do.

Sara Holzknect, Oceana | Used by permission
Environment Washington Advocate Pam Clough (front, first on right) joined 40 Seattle residents to pick up trash and talk with Washingtonians about how we can prevent plastic pollution in the first place.

Washington has long been a leader in reducing plastic pollution, and we have a chance to raise the bar even higher in 2023.

On Jan. 10, Environment Washington Advocate Pam Clough testified before the state Legislature in support of a newly introduced bill that would curb a number of sources of unnecessary and hard-to-manage plastic waste. HB 1085 would, among other measures, cut down on waste from single-use plastic water bottles by requiring refill stations in commercials buildings that already require water fountains, and reduce the amount of plastic pollution threatening our marine wildlife by banning plastic foam-filled docks, rafts and floats statewide.

“Washington’s passage of the nation’s strongest restrictions on single-use polystyrene foam products back in 2021 was just the beginning,” said Pam. “There’s always more we can do to protect our wildlife and our environment from the scourge of plastic pollution — and HB 1085 would mark another big step in the right direction.”

Pam Clough
Pam Clough

Former Advocate, Environment Washington

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