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This incredible underwater wonder was designated a marine national monument in 2016 to ensure that everything from the seabed to the surface was protected. It is the first and only marine monument created in the U.S. Atlantic Ocean. Since its designation, scientists have flocked to this area. 

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My mom has a knack for giving pithy advice.

“Sometimes ‘no’ is a full sentence,” she’d say if I was taking on too many commitments. “Don’t compare your insides to other people’s outsides,” she’d tell me if I was jealous of someone from school.

But recently, one of her phrases in particular has returned to me again and again.

“Just do the next right thing.”

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When companies engage in environmentally destructive behavior and fail to clean up after themselves, the rest of us pay -- either with a degraded landscape or with our tax dollars.

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It’s nice to be reminded that the world is so much bigger than the few rooms or blocks that most of us have been confined to for the past few weeks. Here’s a rundown of some of great natural spaces you can check out on your computer from the friendly confines of your own living room.

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A huge petrochemical plant is receiving $1.6 billion worth of subsidies from Pennsylvania. Does plastic manufacturing and fracking deserve that kind of support?


Coronavirus update

Our work to defend the environment can’t stop and won’t stop in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. We’ll keep advocating on your behalf — at a safe social distance — for clean air, clean water, clean energy, wildlife and open spaces, and a livable climate.