It’s no secret that President Trump has staged a relentless series of attacks on the environment and public lands since taking office. But if the Trump administration has its way, more of its efforts to curb key environmental protections will be able to take place behind closed doors — or at least in ways that limit the public’s ability to voice its opinion.

An annual journey to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: the story of America's largest Caribou herd

By | Steve Blackledge
Senior Director, Conservation America Campaign

Every year, in late spring and early summer, the Porcupine caribou arrive on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Numbering between 120,000 and 200,000 animals, the Porcupine herd – so named for their birthing grounds along the Porcupine River – is the largest in North America. 

If you’re like me, you have more to thank the Land and Water Conservation Fund for than you probably thought

By | Jamie Lockwood
Conservation Campaign, Associate, Environment America

I understood the importance of the program from the day I started my job, but recently I wanted to get a more intimate read on what LWCF meant.

A year of sun in review:

By | Emma Searson
Director, 100% Renewable Campaign

Twelve months ago, just two states -- Hawaii and California -- had committed to reaching 100 percent renewable energy. But by year’s end, four more -- Maine, New Mexico, New York and Maine -- had joined their ranks. In addition, more than 150 cities across the country have now either made or already achieved that same visionary goal.