Zero new right whales in 2018: We have to act now before it’s too late

By | Steve Blackledge
Senior Director, Conservation America Campaign

We need to stop the Trump administration’s offshore drilling proposal—because our coastlines are beautiful, because oil drilling leads to spilling, because drilling requires the industrialization of our coasts, and because the right whale is nearing extinction.

The problem with the Trump drilling plan


When we drill and spill, we risk everything from worsening climate change to the livelihoods of coastal communities. Stand with us, and oppose new offshore drilling. 

A total of 17 North Atlantic right whales died in 2017 — leaving fewer than 450 living right whales on the planet. Researchers report that more females are dying than males, making it even more difficult for the species to rebound.

Without swift intervention, it’s possible that North Atlantic right whales could go extinct within 20 years. It is a critical time for this species.

These Lands Are Our Lands


These are our lands. They are owned by us. And as land owners, we have a decision to make. Should we open them up to drilling and seek a little more oil, or should we protect our coasts, put them off limits, because these places are too beautiful and too vital to spoil?