We can’t keep running away from the environmental problems we face

By | Johanna Neumann
Senior Director, Campaigns for 100% Renewable Energy

In January of this year, after working nearly 20 years with Environment America and our related organizations, I started a new role as our Senior Director for Campaigns for 100% Renewable Energy. In this capacity, I direct a team of talented advocates and organizers that work with our state offices and allies across the country to move America and the world toward a future powered entirely by clean renewable energy.

LED there be light!

By | Ben Sonnega
Go Solar Campaign, Associate, Environment America

Recently, I had lunch with a friend who is an energy consultant working on utility issues. As we got chatting, he mentioned that street lamps were among the biggest energy users in cities around the country. Even as someone who spends most of his day thinking about energy issues, that was surprising. When I think of energy efficiency and conservation, I have to admit street lamps aren’t at the top of my list of concerns. But after learning this interesting fact, I decided to do some research.

What makes an environmental advocate?

By | Emma Searson
Director, 100% Renewable Campaign

As part of my job, I interview a few candidates each week for Environment America’s year-long fellowship program. Generally speaking, I’m talking to college seniors, who are figuring out the very first step in their post-graduation careers. In those conversations, I invariably end up spending some time discussing why I do what I do. Last week, an interviewee asked point-blank how I first got my start in environmental advocacy, and I surprised myself by having to stop and think about it.

Wiping out forests for toilet paper

By | Ian Corbet
Conservation America Campaign, Associate

The Canadian boreal needs our help before it gets flushed down the drain.