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Buffy the Energy Vampire Slayer

 | by Graham Marema
Campaign for 100% Renewable Energy, Lead Digital Organizer

Don’t miss a moment of the electrifying tales of Buffy the Energy Vampire Slayer. Tune in each week to see how Buffy will champion energy efficiency, defeat the energy sucks, and fight for the better world she believes in.

 | by
Brynn Furey
Energy Conservation & Efficiency, Associate

Energy saving tips that are written in the stars

 | by
Emily-Lynn Warren
Digital Associate

It all started to change when I took a shower in Jordan.

Green Sea turtle
 | by
Reino Hyyppa
Wildlife Over Waste, Associate

In a recent report by As You Sow, Whole Foods scored an F on plastic waste

 | by
Luke Metzger
Executive Director

Protecting 30 percent of our land and water by 2030 will take a multitude of smaller victories, precisely like this one.