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The Biden administration can save monarch butterflies

 | by Malia Libby
Save the Bees, Associate

The butterfly’s plummeting population warrants protection under the Endangered Species Act, and now is the time for action.

 | by
Mary Katherine Moore
Creative Associate

The EPA just announced its plan to repeal and replace the “Dirty Water Rule” — a Trump administration policy that left the drinking water of millions of Americans at risk from polluters

 | by
Ellen Montgomery
Director, Public Lands Campaign

The acclaimed cultural site is critical for biodiversity and worthy of lasting safeguards.

 | by
Alex Petersen
Conservation America Campaign, Advocate

Endangered Species protections rolled back by Pres. Trump are on their way to restoration

 | by
Lisa Frank
Executive Director, Washington Legislative Office, Environment America

The INVEST in America Act would help transform transportation by investing in roads, bridges, transit, and walking and biking infrastructure with an emphasis on fixing existing infrastructure and reducing pollution that harms our health and our climate.