My (hot) take on the Women’s World Cup

By | Bronte Payne
Director, Campaign for 100% Renewable Campuses

I started playing soccer when I was six years old and immediately fell in love with the game. Some of my most cherished memories come from soccer: first learning to play, going to nationals with my club soccer team, the pregame chocolate chip muffins my college coach made before each game -- the list goes on and on.

Maine and Colorado are setting the pace for climate action in 2019

By | Ross Sherman
Communications Associate

New governors across the country have grabbed the mantle to address the climate crisis

A banner year for renewable energy on college campuses

By | Bronte Payne
Director, Campaign for 100% Renewable Campuses

The end of each year at college was always the same. The dorms were unbearably hot (we didn’t finish spring quarter until mid-June), and we were always exhausted from studying deep into the night for finals.

Renewable energy and community renewal

By | Emma Searson
Director, Go Solar Campaign

We’re stronger when we work together. This is an aphorism author and leading environmentalist Bill McKibben has been preaching for some time. If we hope to solve the world’s environmental issues, we must look up from our phones, band together and organize with our neighbors.