Campaign launched to educate California residents about 100 percent renewable energy

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Environment California

Los Angeles, CA  — Environment California Research & Policy Center is deploying hundreds of door-knockers this summer in a major effort to educate Californians about the prospects for shifting to 100 percent clean, renewable energy.

Part of a national campaign to reach more than 1.5 million Americans, outreach staff from our offices in Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Diego will distribute literature to more than 265,000 California households, reinforcing that America can, and must, transition from dirty fuels to clean sources such as wind and solar.

“For years, we’ve been told that pollution from the dirty fuels we’ve used to meet our energy needs was the price we had to pay for progress,” said Michelle Kinman, Clean Energy Advocate for Environment California Research & Policy Center. “Those days are over. Now, we can forge ahead, emboldened by the growing numbers of people who know that 100 percent renewable energy is as feasible as it is necessary. 

The effort comes as the Trump Administration has proposed rolling back or eliminating programs to reduce pollution and promote clean, efficient, renewable energy sources. 

Contrary to actions by the Trump Administration and Congress, dozens of major corporations ranging from Apple to Coca Cola to Walmart are moving forward with plans to shift to 100 percent renewable energy.  Thirty U.S. cities including, Del Mar, Palo Alto, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Santa Monica and South Lake Tahoe have made similar commitments.  

“Relying on fossil fuels is polluting our air, water and land and harming our health, and it’s changing our climate even faster than scientists predicted,” said Kinman.  “What’s needed is a total transformation in how and where we get our energy.”

Last year, Environment America Research & Policy Center reviewed seven studies on clean energy systems conducted to date — by academics, government agencies and nonprofit organizations – finding there are no insurmountable technological or economic barriers to tapping the country’s vast potential to achieve 100 percent renewable energy.  According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, we can meet our current electricity needs 10 times over with solar energy alone and another 10 times over with just wind energy. Our buildings could use 50 percent less energy if we made them more efficient. And, every day technologies advance in ways that make the job even easier. 

“With virtually unlimited reserves of renewable energy, getting to 100 percent renewable energy is 100 percent necessary and 100 percent possible,” said Kinman. “The time to act is now.” 

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