Over 100 Mayors, City Councilmembers and Other Local California Leaders Say “Yes” to Clean Vehicles

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Supporting Gov. Brown’s Goal to Reach 1.5 Million Zero Emission Vehicles by 2025

Environment California Research & Policy Center

Los Angeles – As policymakers and automakers convene in Sacramento next Monday for the Governor’s Office Summit on Zero Emission Vehicles, Environment California Research & Policy Center released a list documenting the growing support for electric vehicles among local leaders across the state.

To date, over 100 current and recent mayors, city council members and supervisors from Oakland and Sacramento to Fresno and San Diego, who collectively represent more than 13 million Californians, have signed on to say “Yes! I endorse Governor Brown’s pioneering vision to place 1.5 million zero emission vehicles on California’s roads by 2025. By accelerating the deployment of clean vehicles, we can clean up our air, reduce global warming pollution, improve public health, save Californians money at the pump and stimulate economic growth.” (Full list of endorsers below.)

“Putting 1.5 million Californians in the driver’s seat of the clean vehicle transformation is a vital first step in achieving Governor Brown’s recent executive order on climate change and ensuring a cleaner, healthier future for all,” said Environment California’s Clean Energy Advocate Michelle Kinman. “Environment California looks forward to working with the mayors and city councilmembers across the state who have already voiced their support for a clean vehicle future for their communities.”

The state is pushing the envelope of what is possible in the clean vehicle revolution, which is critical given that California’s transportation sector is the state’s single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. By August 2014, California had more than 100,000 electric vehicles on the road – more than any other state in the country, and accounting for 40% of ZEV sales in the nation.  But transforming the market to benefit all Californians will take a sustained, long-term commitment to better serve the state’s most polluted communities.

In September 2014, Governor Brown signed into law the Charge Ahead California Initiative (SB 1275 De León), which will put California’s first million electric vehicles on the road by 2023 and ensure that low-and moderate income communities, which are disproportionately impacted by air pollution, benefit from the transition to zero tailpipe emissions. Under the Initiative, the California Air Resources Board (ARB) is directed to extend the benefits of electric transportation to low and moderate communities by implementing an income cap for electric vehicle rebates, creating pilot programs for electric car sharing programs in low-income communities, and modifying the existing low-income driver scrappage program to allow clean vehicle rebates to be added to existing incentives for the retirement and replacement of gross polluters. The ARB is working now with stakeholders across the state to develop these critical cutting-edge programs.

“By achieving the 1.5 million goal, California will create a tipping point for clean vehicle sales, lead the country towards a clean vehicle revolution, and continue its position at the forefront of innovative climate change solutions,” said Kinman.

If you are a local elected official who would like to endorse the statement below, please contact Michelle Kinman at [email protected].

As of May 1, 2015, over one hundred current and former* local elected officials endorse this statement:

 Yes! I endorse Governor Brown’s pioneering vision to place 1.5 million zero emission vehicles on California’s roads by 2025. By accelerating the deployment of clean vehicles, we can clean up our air, reduce global warming pollution, improve public health, save Californians money at the pump and stimulate economic growth.

      1. Steve Hansen, Sacramento Councilmember
      2. Kevin McCarty, former Sacramento Councilmember
      3. Steve Cohn, former Sacramento Councilmember
      4. Darrell Fong, former Sacramento Councilmember
      5. Steven Detrick, Elk Grove Councilmember
      6. David Glass, Petaluma Mayor
      7. Eric Lucan, Novato Councilmember
      8. Osby Davis, Vallejo Mayor
      9. Katy Miessner, Vallejo Councilmember
      10. Tom Butt, Richmond Mayor
      11. Jim Rogers, former Richmond Councilmember
      12. Mary Rocha, Antioch Councilmember
      13. Michael Menesini, former Martinez Vice Mayor
      14. Peter Maass, Albany Mayor
      15. Tom Bates, Berkeley Mayor
      16. Linda Maio, Berkeley Councilmember
      17. Darryl Moore, Berkeley Councilmember
      18. Max Anderson, Berkeley Councilmember
      19. Susan Wengraf, Berkeley Councilmember
      20. Kriss Worthington, Berkeley Councilmember
      21. Ruth Atkin, Emeryville Mayor
      22. Nora Davis, Emeryville Vice Mayor
      23. Jennifer West, former Emeryville Councilmember
      24. Dan Kalb, Oakland Councilmember
      25. Libby Schaaf, former Oakland Councilmember
      26. Edwin Lee, San Francisco Mayor
      27. Mark Farrell, San Francisco Supervisor
      28. Julie Christensen, San Francisco Supervisor
      29. Katy Tang, San Francisco Supervisor
      30. Scott Wiener, San Francisco Supervisor
      31. David Campos, San Francisco Supervisor
      32. Norman Yee, San Francisco Supervisor
      33. John Avalos, San Francisco Supervisor
      34. David Chiu, former San Francisco Supervisor
      35. Lena Tam, former Alameda Councilmember
      36. Stewart Chen, former Alameda Councilmember
      37. Jim Prola, San Leandro Vice Mayor
      38. Don Biddle, Dublin Councilmember
      39. Tim Sbranti, former Dublin Mayor
      40. Jenny Kenoyer, Modesto Councilmember
      41. Suzanne Chan, Fremont Vice Mayor
      42. Vinnie Bacon, Fremont Councilmember
      43. Anu Natarajan, former Fremont Councilmember
      44. Ian Bain, Redwood City Councilmember
      45. Michael Kasperzak, Mountain View Councilmember
      46. Ken Rosenberg, Mountain View Councilmember
      47. Lenny Siegel, Mountain View Councilmember
      48. Nancy Shepherd, former Palo Alto Mayor
      49. Larry Klein, former Palo Alto Councilmember
      50. Jim Griffith, Sunnyvale Mayor
      51. Tara Martin-Milius, Sunnyvale Vice Mayor
      52. Jose Esteves, Milpitas Mayor
      53. Sam Liccardo, San Jose Mayor
      54. Ash Kalra, San Jose Councilmember
      55. Chuck Reed, former San Jose Mayor
      56. Madison Nguyen, former San Jose Vice Mayor
      57. Xavier Campos, former San Jose Councilmember
      58. Kansen Chu, former San Jose Councilmember
      59. Rich Constantine, Morgan Hill Councilmember
      60. Gordon Siebert, Morgan Hill Councilmember
      61. Don Lane, Santa Cruz Mayor
      62. Cynthia Matthews, Santa Cruz Councilmember
      63. David Terrazas, Santa Cruz Councilmember
      64. Oliver Baines (III), Fresno Councilmember
      65. Helene Schneider, Santa Barbara Mayor
      66. Carmen Ramírez, Oxnard Mayor Pro Tem
      67. Larry Spicer, Monrovia Councilmember
      68. Sam Kang, Duarte Mayor Pro Tem
      69. Mary Sue Maurer, Calabasas Councilmember
      70. Erik Nasarenko, Ventura Deputy Mayor
      71. Zareh Sinanyan, Glendale Mayor
      72. John Wuo, Arcadia Mayor
      73. Bill Bogaard, Pasadena Mayor
      74. Marina Khubesrian, South Pasadena Councilmember
      75. Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles Mayor
      76. Bob Blumenfield, Los Angeles Councilmember
      77. Paul Koretz, Los Angeles Councilmember
      78. Jose Huizar, Los Angeles Councilmember
      79. Christina Carrizosa, Pomona Councilmember
      80. Joe Lyons, Claremont Mayor
      81. Ted Winterer, Santa Monica Councilmember
      82. Kevin McKeown, Santa Monica Councilmember
      83. Meghan Sahli-Wells, Culver City Mayor
      84. Mark Burton, Manhattan Beach Mayor Pro Tem
      85. Jeff Ginsburg, Redondo Beach Councilmember
      86. Eduardo De La Riva, Maywood Mayor
      87. Rusty Bailey, Riverside Mayor
      88. Mike Gardener, Riverside Councilmember
      89. Miguel Canales, Artesia Mayor
      90. Albert Robles, Carson Councilmember
      91. Joe Shaw, former Huntington Beach Mayor Pro Tem
      92. Miguel Pulido, Santa Ana Mayor
      93. Angelica Amezuca, Santa Ana Councilmember
      94. Beth Krom, Irvine Councilmember
      95. Larry Agran, former Irvine Councilmember
      96. Toni Iseman, Laguna Beach Councilmember
      97. Lisa Shaffer, Encinitas Councilmember
      98. Lesa Heebner, Solana Beach Mayor
      99. Peter Zahn, Solana Beach Councilmember
      100.  Don Mosier, Del Mar Councilmember
      101. Myrtle Cole, San Diego Councilmember
      102. David Alvarez, San Diego Councilmember
      103. Marti Emerald, San Diego Councilmember
      104. Ed Harris, former San Diego Councilmember
      105. Mary Salas, Chula Vista Mayor

*While some of these individuals have been elected to new offices, we have listed the offices held at the time they endorsed this statement.