Green groups urge Department of Agriculture to review Trump-era forest decisions

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Ellen Montgomery

Director, Public Lands Campaign, Environment America Research & Policy Center

Ellen Montgomery

Director, Public Lands Campaign, Environment America Research & Policy Center

The request calls for close scrutiny of policies impacting climate, air and water

Environment America

WASHINGTON — A coalition of 39 environmental groups have asked the U.S.Department of Agriculture to reconsider Trump administration Forest Service decisions. The request calls for the department to follow the lead of the Department of the Interior by reviewing all decisions for 60 days in light of the Biden administration’s new priorities, including “to improve public health and protect our environment; to ensure access to clean air and water” and “to reduce greenhouse gas emission.”

“Right now, protecting our lands and waters absolutely has to start with putting Trump-era environmental policies under a microscope,” said Environment America Public Lands Director Ellen Montgomery. “For the ones that are not in the best interest of preservation and biodiversity, they should be consigned to the dustbin of history.”

Even with the sharp pivot by President Biden and his team away  from the Trump administration’s anti-environment agendas, projects that could result in habitat destruction or unnecessary global warming pollution could be automatically greenlighted unless the Department of Agriculture institutes a higher level of scrutiny. The letter identifies several examples, including a proposal to allow logging in more than 9,000 acres in the Giant Sequoia National Monument, an action that would damage the endangered Southern Sierra Nevada Pacific Fisher’s habitat.

“The USDA and the Forest Service desperately need to weed the garden to make it grow, and that means getting rid of the previous administration’s anti-nature policies,” concluded Montgomery. 



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