New science shows that fracking can and did cause earthquakes

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Sacramento- A new report released on NBC News states that scientists now confirm that fracking in Ohio caused earthquakes.

“Just in case Governor Brown needed any more evidence that fracking is bad for California, this should be the ultimate wake up call,” said Dan Jacobson, Legislative Director for Environment California. “Fracking and California don’t mix.”

The report, available here, states:

“The new investigation of the Youngstown earthquakes, detailed in the July issue of the journal Geophysical Research Letters, reveals that their onset, end and even temporary dips in activity were apparently all tied to activity at the Northstar 1 well.”

Environment California is calling on Governor Brown to halt fracking in California immediately and take steps to permanently ban fracking.

“Fracking is a dirty and dangerous business. It uses copious amounts of water, water we just can’t spare and contaminates it. It pollutes our air, it destroys our beautiful places and it keeps us addicted to fossil fuels at the exact time we need to move toward clean energy,” said Jacobson.

For more information about fracking and to sign a petition urging Governor Brown to ban fracking, go to


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