President Signs Pinnacles National Park Act

National Monument Status Upgraded to National Park

Environment California

Sacramento- Environment California is proud to see that President Obama has signed the Pinnacles National Park Act into law. With this act in place, Pinnacles National Park has become the nation’s 59th national park.

“I commend President Obama for making Pinnacles our newest national park,” says Mac Farrell, preservation associate for Environment California. “Representatives Farr and Denham, and Senators Boxer and Feinstein, deserve a round of applause as well. Pinnacles was a perfect choice.”

First designated a national monument by Theodore Roosevelt in 1908, Pinnacles is home to a fledgling California Condor population, and has played a key role in helping this species come back from the brink of extinction. Other wildlife found in Pinnacles includes cougars, bobcats and wild turkey. The volcanic rock formations found in Pinnacles National Park are a must-climb for mountain climbers in California, and national park status will help preserve this spectacular landscape for generations to come.