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Together, we can find more ways to connect with nature and each other. From sharing resources and inspiration for healthier homes and communities, to providing activities for our kids to learn about planet Earth, we can help each other to lead greener lives.

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How to go on a bee walk
A woman and girl walk through a field of purple flowers.

Save the bees

How to go on a bee walk

A bee walk is a great way to get outside, gather friends and family for a walk to look for bees and learn ways you can protect them.

How to save energy and money by weatherizing your home
Clockwise: Lisa Frank, Johanna Neumann, Shanika Whitehurst, Zack Surmacz

Energy efficiency

How to save energy and money by weatherizing your home

As cold temperatures move in and energy costs are rising, our panel explains how to weatherize your home. This webinar will show you how to implement DIY weatherization projects, and take advantage of state and federal funds available to weatherize your home.

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