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Tell The Home Depot: Preserve the boreal forest

The Canadian boreal forest is the largest remaining primary forest on the planet. It stores 300 billion tons of carbon, provides habitat for threatened boreal caribou, billions of birds and a multitude of other species.


Clean water to drink and clean air to breathe; healthy lakes, rivers and forests; sources of energy that don’t pollute and never run out — all this should be the heritage we leave to future generations.

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Renewables on the Rise 2022 Launch Event

Clean energy

Renewables on the Rise 2022 Launch Event

Environment America Research & Policy Center and Frontier Group will unveil Renewables on the Rise 2022, a new interactive web-based dashboard that allows users to explore and compare state-level growth of wind energy, solar power, energy storage, electricity energy efficiency, electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging port installations over the past decade.


I have grandchildren...I often wonder about what kind of world I'm leaving for them. We need to preserve our planet for future generations. Catherine Farrell, Member, Environment Massachusetts