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Tell The Home Depot: Preserve the boreal forest

The Canadian boreal forest is the largest remaining primary forest on the planet. It stores 300 billion tons of carbon, provides habitat for threatened boreal caribou, billions of birds and a multitude of other species.


Clean water to drink and clean air to breathe; healthy lakes, rivers and forests; sources of energy that don’t pollute and never run out — all this should be the heritage we leave to future generations.

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We don’t need deep-sea mining


We don’t need deep-sea mining

Deep-sea mining risks damaging vibrant ecosystems that science is just beginning to understand. And we don’t need it to meet the critical minerals challenge.


We must speak for the trees—and the whole living tapestry woven around them. Ed Chadd, Olympic Climate Action
Exploring for berries and mushrooms, listening for birdsong, and rinsing my hands in cold clear forest streams are experiences I can only get in ancient forests, where logging and most other human development aren't evident. Chandra LeGue, Oregon Wild
Forests enrich our lives in many ways, and involving the young must be a top priority. Mary Hovel, Northwoods Alliance
If there was ever a time to speak for the trees, it is now. Our mature and old growth forests are begging for us to not look away. Whitney Hamblin, Kentucky Heartwood
For millennia, ancient forests have watched over us and sustained us. Can we do the same for them? Will Harlan, Center for Biological Diversity