29,000 petitions to President Biden asking for new Arizona monument

Media Contacts
Ellen Montgomery

Director, Public Lands Campaign, Environment America Research & Policy Center

DENVER– Environment America Research & Policy Center and partner organizations, including Environmental Action, delivered 29,000 petitions on Wednesday to the Department of the Interior and the White House. The petitions called for President Biden to permanently protect the Grand Canyon region by designating the “Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni Grand Canyon National Monument” as proposed by the Grand Canyon Tribal Coalition.

“Everyone knows that the Grand Canyon is a national treasure,” said Environment America Research & Policy Center Public Lands Campaign Director, Ellen Montgomery. “Protecting the region surrounding the canyon is important for clean water, wildlife habitat and the local communities who drink the water and breathe the air. We urge President Biden to protect more nature by designating this national monument.”

The Grand Canyon region is critical for wildlife, it comprises several distinct ecosystems, ranging from desert to forest land. The 1,900 square miles of the park serve as an ecological refuge for many plants and animals, including many threatened and endangered species such as the California condor, Mexican spotted owl and Fickeisen plains cactus. 

“Wildlife and water don’t recognize park boundaries,” said Montgomery. “That’s why we need to expand protection beyond the borders of the national park and make sure that new uranium mining projects don’t pollute this area.”

President Biden has already designated 3 national monuments during his presidency and has protected other important public lands from Chaco Canyon to the Boundary Waters.