Obama administration puts “clean” in the Clean Power Plan

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Environment America

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Yesterday the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released proposed details for its Clean Energy Incentive Program, a key component of the Obama administration’s landmark Clean Power Plan that removes barriers to energy-efficiency and solar power development in low-income communities and encourages early investment of pollution-free energy sources.

Officials believe the voluntary incentive program is unaffected by judicial stay on the Clean Power Plan, which places mandatory limits on carbon pollution limits from power plants. Both administration officials and clean energy advocates believe the court will ultimately uphold the Clean Power Plan.

“The Clean Energy Incentive Program will give states a head start on the road to 100 percent renewable energy,” said Rob Sargent, Energy Program director for Environment America. “It’s a great opportunity for states to advance solar, wind and energy efficiency, and implement programs to save money and reduce pollution in low-income communities.”