Associate Director and Senior Policy Analyst, Frontier Group

Elizabeth Ridlington is associate director and senior policy analyst with Frontier Group. She focuses primarily on global warming, toxics, health care and clean vehicles, and has written dozens of reports on these and other subjects. Elizabeth graduated with honors from Harvard with a degree in government. She joined Frontier Group in 2002. She lives in Northern California with her husband and son.

Elizabeth’s recent reports include Clean Water for the Three Rivers (2022), Trouble in the Air (2021), and Unhealthy Debt (2021).

Posts by Elizabeth Ridlington
Why “Save the Bees” should extend to other insects
Bee landing on pink and white flower


Why “Save the Bees” should extend to other insects

This past spring, I noticed that flowers in my front yard were covered in aphids and I immediately bought insecticidal soap to get rid of them. My response to those aphids – get rid of them – has long been our response to all insects. But this decades-long antipathy toward all insects is one reason we’re facing an “insect apocalypse.”

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