Clean water

Tell the EPA: Stop slaughterhouse pollution

NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory | Public Domain

Dear EPA Administrator Regan,

Meat processing plants are dumping huge volumes of pollution into our nation’s rivers, contributing to toxic algal outbreaks and threatening our drinking water sources.

We’re glad that the EPA is finally considering at least some curbs on this slaughterhouse pollution, but we need stronger action to protect clean water.

As noted in “Option 3” of your proposed rule, slaughterhouses could use currently available technology to reduce their pollution by 322 million pounds a year — more than 3 times what the EPA is proposing. I urge the EPA to adopt this stronger “Option 3” for slaughterhouse pollution control standards.

The EPA should also set a clear limit on E. coli pollution from these facilities. These actions are urgently needed to protect our water and our health.



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