The Trump administration’s new federal plan won’t get the lead out of our drinking water. Here’s what will.

Clean water

The Trump administration’s plan to tackle toxic lead in drinking water won’t get the job done.

On Dec. 19, the Environmental Protection Agency released its Federal Action Plan to Reduce Lead Exposures and Associated Health Impacts. While the plan sets goals of reducing exposure, it fails to offer any new policy tools or commit any resources to achieve those goals. In response, John Rumpler, senior director of our national network’s clean water campaign, called for a credible plan—which should include removal of all lead water service lines, replacement of lead-laden faucets and fountains at schools and pre-schools, and the funding to actually implement these measures.

“We know that lead is contaminating drinking water in communities across the country,” John said. “It’s time our leaders put forth a decisive strategy—we simply can’t wait any longer.”

In addition to advocating for solutions at the federal level, our network is working with state and local leaders to tackle the lead crisis.

Photo: Our national network is calling for decision action to get the lead out of drinking water at schools and preschools. Credit: Duplass via Shutterstock.