New Solar Jobs Census 2011 Shows Solar Jobs in Florida on the Rise

Environment Florida

The Solar Foundation has released its second annual review of the solar workforce, in a report titled “National Solar Jobs Census 2011:  A Review of the U.S. Solar Workforce.”  The report finds that more than 100,000 Americans are now working in the U.S. Solar Industry, and that number is on the rise.  The solar industry has added jobs over the last year at a faster rate than the general economy, and that trend is projected to continue. 

“This year Florida ranks among the top ten states in the country for solar jobs, with more than 4,000 people in the solar workforce,” said Aliki Moncrief, State Director of Environment Florida Research and Policy Center.  “Promoting clean energy while creating jobs is a win-win for Florida’s environment and workers.  If Governor Scott and other lawmakers are serious about creating more jobs in Florida, they should adopt policies that encourage residents and businesses to invest in solar and other renewables.”

State Representative Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda stated, “In a new economy increasingly reliant on innovation and technology, Florida must prepare itself to compete.  Investing in solar and other renewable forms of energy allows our State the opportunity to make use of our God-given natural resources to help power our economy, create jobs and move toward true energy independence.”

“We need to power our economy with clean energy,” said Aliki Moncrief. “With growing demand for renewable, clean energy, there’s plenty of room and definitely a need for more solar jobs in Florida.”